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Senior Environmental Specialist


Public Works

Work Status

Full Time



SALARY: $75,193.00 - 93,991.00 Salary USD

Job Description Summary
Under general direction coordinates and plans the technical phases of environmental projects to meet local, state, and federal environmental standards related to stormwater pollution control programming. Executes environmental program improvements by creating and reviewing project scopes, timelines, and standard operating procedures. Evaluates environmental project impacts and compliance with applicable local, state and federal regulations.

1. Supervises personnel by observing and monitoring work tasks; scheduling work assignments; evaluating work performance and providing feedback to employees; providing input on performance evaluations; and providing input on hire and disciplinary actions, as needed.  

2. Coordinates storm water environmental programming (inspections, training, water quality monitoring and compliance investigations) associated with Construction, Post Construction, Industrial, Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping, Automotive Related Businesses, and Water Quality in accordance with local, State, and Federal regulations.  Develops recommendations for and participates in the formulation of Stormwater Pollution Control programming including revisions to ordinances, stormwater management programs, and standard operating procedures.  Implements program improvements to reduce external customer impacts on water quality.

3. Evaluates data concerning the environmental impact of external customers. Prepares technical reports and makes recommendations regarding findings.  Prepares detailed correspondence and directives to businesses and individuals regarding necessary corrections and deficiencies to reduce impact on water quality.    

4. Monitor the content and accuracy of environmental seminars and educational materials for the regulated community to ensure compliance with industrial, construction, post-construction, water quality, and ARB regulatory requirements and assists in developing and presenting such external education programs.  Ensures internal staff are properly trained and following division and departmental standard operating procedures.  

5. Respond to hazardous events or pollutant discharges to the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) during the working day and after hours. 

6. Act as a proxy for the Stormwater Quality Manager when unavailable including but not limited to attending meetings and the occasional direction of helpers, assistants, seasonal employees, interns, or temporary employees.  

7. Educate citizens, contractors, developers, and businesses about stormwater pollution control. 

8. Assist, as needed, with regional implementation of non-point source and pollution prevention programs.


  • Knowledge of types and sources of stormwater pollutants related to construction, commercial, municipal, and industrial activities. 

  • Knowledge of local, state and federal regulations related to stormwater quality and MS4 permits. 

  • Knowledge of local ordinances relating to stormwater quality and MS4 permits. 

  • Knowledge of appropriate levels of enforcement for violations. 

  • Ability to receive limited direction to normally perform the duty assignment according to his or her own judgement, requesting supervisory assistance only when necessary.  

  • Ability to function as a lead worker performing essentially the same work as those directed, and includes overseeing work quality, training, instructing, and scheduling work.  

  • Ability to read books, reviews, scientific or technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and legal documents.  

  • Ability to recommend the establishment of new environmental policies and standard operating procedures.  Ability to apply fundamental concepts of theories, work with advanced mathematical operations methods, and functions of real and complex variables.  

  • Ability to write editorials, journals, speeches, manuals, or critiques.  

  • Ability to use ARC IMS and GIS based applications. 

  • Ability to read and interpret construction plans and specifications. 

  • Ability to communicate verbally and in written form with engineers, contractors, citizens, supervisors, and state and federal regulators. 

  • Ability to perform a variety of physical skills including but not limited to carrying, cleaning, climbing, driving, holding, seeing, sitting, squatting, standing, stooping, walking, and writing, 

  • Ability to lift or exert forces equivalent to lifting up to 50 pounds. 

    Ability to operate a Class "C" motorized vehicle. 

  • Ability to operate a variety of office equipment including but not limited to a calculator, fax machine, and personal computer. 

  • Ability to operate water quality related scientific equipment including but not limited to colorimeter, sonde, microscope, and testing supplies.  

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, internet application and e-mail in a network environment) for recordkeeping related to enforcement, water quality and inspection. 

  • Ability to work in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Incumbent is subject to fume/odor, dust/mites, mechanical, electrical, explosive, radiation, chemical, and toxic waste hazards.

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Ecology, Geology, or Geography with three (3) years of responsible experience with state or federally regulated environmental programs. 

Professional certification in relevant environmental or storm water related fields e.g. CPESC, CESCO, or similar.

Current OSHA HAZWOPER 40-hour certification.

Possession of a valid Texas Operator's License, Class C. 

Pre-employment screens:

Criminal background check

Motor Vehicle Review

Drug and alcohol screens

Physical and Human Performance Evaluation (HPE)