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Aquatics Maintenance Tech II
Location Parks and Recreation
Work Status Full Time

SALARY: 16.66 - 20.83 Hourly USD



Under general supervision assists in the performance of all aspects of aquatics maintenance tasks, makes minor to higher level repairs to irrigation systems and landscape tools and 
equipment, and aids in the installation and maintenance of landscape beds, other maintenance duties as assigned. 

Essential Job Functions:

1. Ability to develop and deploy annual and long-term plans for preventative, predicative and
emergency maintenance of pool infrastructure; Ability to monitor compliance with state and federal regulations relative to pool safety, operations and maintenance; Ability to ensure compliance with water quality maintenance procedures by maintaining equipment to established standards; Ability to conduct preseason opening and end of season closing procedures with the Asset Management and Community Services Department staff.
2. Ability to inspect swimming pool filtering systems, mechanical chemical feeding systems,
equipment and water pumps for proper operation; Ability to repair large and small pumps, motors, and chemical feeders; Ability to clean pumps, filter tanks, and chlorinators and adjust dispensing
units for proper discharge; Ability to make repairs and replace filters and belts; Ability to vacuum,
clean and backwash municipal pools; Ability to clean algae and rust on pool shells.
3. Ability to paint, clean, and perform routine repairs to facilities, including restrooms, deck areas,
ladders, slides, play structures and diving boards; Ability to perform routine service, maintenance, and repair work on plumbing and electrical components related to aquatics facilities; Ability to
repair restroom showers, broken toilet stools, partitions, and doors; Ability to maintain water lines
on drinking fountains; Ability to repair sections of concrete and deck material; Ability to perform
general landscape maintenance around pool areas.
4. Ability to provide initial response to calls for service from pool staff, assess maintenance needs, and take corrective action or route work orders to appropriate staff; Ability to prepare technical
specifications for equipment or renovation work and bid specifications for construction and repair work done by outside contractors; Ability to monitor contractor work; Ability to keep abreast of
current trends in aquatic facilities by reviewing publications and attending local training
opportunities; Ability to provide input for overall facility planning and/or development.

Other Job Functions:

5. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing; Ability to work independently, solve 
problems and prioritize and evaluate work projects; Ability to prioritize own job assignments and 
coordinate work with other maintenance staff to ensure timely job completion; Ability to be used as a resource by other staff members. 
6. Ability to work around or use potentially hazardous materials (i.e., chlorines, acids, vapors/fumes from pool chemicals and paints) requiring the use of specialized protective equipment; Ability to
use the sense of smell to detect problems associated with hazardous chemicals; Ability to work in cramped areas and under the hazards associated with climbing ladders.

7. Ability to take water samples to test free chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, and calcium by using
various chemical solutions and test kits; Ability to maintains records of water sample test readings and equipment functionality; Ability to dispense chlorine, muriatic acid and other chemicals to
adjust water chemistry; Ability to maintain revolving inventory of pool chemicals and supplies;
Ability to transport and change containers of chlorine, caustic soda, CO2 and acid.
8. Ability to purchase, maintain and manage an inventory of chemicals, parts, supplies and
equipment; Ability to perform record keeping functions on computerized work order systems
including data entry for project history and costs, maintenance tasks/labor, equipment and fuel
usage and facility conditions.
9. Ability to manage and coordinate the work of technical consultants and/or contractors, including securing bids for services and commodities.
10. Ability to read, interpret and work from sketches, diagrams, manufacturers' manuals, and
construction plans and specifications.
11. Ability to plan, organize, train, develop and monitor subordinate employees and their work
assignments to accomplish unit objectives; Ability to train and develop employees engaged in the care and maintenance of aquatic systems; Ability to assist in supervising the work of others as

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required: 
The operation, repair, construction and maintenance of swimming pools, aquatic facilities, and water play structures. 
The functions of motors, pumps, filters, chemical feeders, chlorinators, and related aquatics equipment. 
Pool water chemistry and the characteristics of various chemicals used to maintain proper and safe pool water conditions. 
Tools, materials, methods and terminology used in construction trades and renovation of large commercial or public pools. 
Occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions applicable to pool maintenance and in handling hazardous chemicals. 
Basic principles, procedures, tools and equipment used in carpentry, plumbing, mechanical and electrical work. 
Regulations applicable to work being performed, i.e. state regulations and codes. 
Purchasing and inventory control principles and procedures. 
Communicating with City staff and the public by oral and written means. 
Working from drawings, blueprints, plans and specifications. 
Mathematical calculations. 
Make minor repairs and adjustments on park and aquatic facilities. 
Receive and process detailed information through oral and written communication. 
Exercise discretion and independent judgment. 
Foster a cooperative work environment. 
Lift or exert forces equivalent to lifting up to 80 pounds. 
Perform a variety of physical skills including but not limited to seeing, stooping, twisting body, carrying, lifting and walking. 
Operate a motorized vehicle. 
Operate a variety of office equipment, including but not limited to PC, various computer software, copiers, telephone, fax machines and calculator. 
Obtain a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) certification within six (6) months of employment. 
Obtain an Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) certification within one year of employment. 
Work outdoors and withstand extremes of weather and temperature. 
Work a flexible work schedule, including weekends, holidays and evenings, as required. 
Operate and use required tools to perform needed repairs on municipal swimming pools and aquatic facilities, i.e. hand tools. 
Work in environments that are subject to fume/odor, dust/mites, chemical and mechanical hazards. Respond in a timely manner to emergency calls for aquatic facility repairs. 
Qualifying Education and Experience: 
High School diploma. Two (2) years of aquatics maintenance experience. Possess or obtain Certified Pool Operator certification within six months and possess or obtain Aquatic Facility Operator certification within one year.